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When it comes to helping women reach their body and health goals sustainably, we know our stuff. Over the last 3 years we’ve freed over 10,000 women from quick fix diets and food obsession. We’ve now built one of the most comprehensive and scientifically proven coaching programs available online. A program designed to free women from restrictive diets so they can heal their metabolism and build bodies they love.



Finally achieving the body you’ve been working so hard for and sustaining it, without having to starve yourself or spend hours and hours working out.

Eating delicious food every single day like homemade ice cream, fruit, fresh juice, potatoes and butter without feeling guilty.

Understanding exactly how many calories you should be eating and what foods work best for you to optimise your metabolism - no more food confusion.

Being free from food obsession and binge eating.

No longer being tied to the number on the scales.

Sleeping right through the night and waking up feeling rested.

Having a flat stomach, no bloating, no constipation or IBS.

Feeling energised and having stable moods.

Your skin is glowing.

No longer suffering from hormonal imbalances like irregular and painful periods, PMS or menopausal symptoms.

Actually wanting to bang your partner!

...we’ve been able to unlock the exact formula for this and
we’re here to help make this your reality.


I can tell you with complete certainty that the WinAtLife program will transform your body and health and free you from restrictive diets FOREVER. I’ve not only used this method myself, but I’ve helped 1000’s of other women not only lose weight and/or get toned eating more food, but also improve their sleep, digestion, mood, energy, skin and hormonal issues. As long as you’re willing to be open minded and go all in this will work for you too.

It’s time to finally build a body you love. It all starts with this decision.




The Winatlife nutrition program is designed to teach you how to find the right amount of calories and macronutrients your body needs, as well as the foods that will optimise your sleep, digestion, mood, energy and hormonal balance so that you can build a body you love for the long term without sacrificing your metabolic health.

Meal plans, recipe books, meal plan coaching and live nutrition workshops, weekly check-in with a coach, private facebook group.

In depth information on how to improve metabolic issues: Sleep, hormones, digestion, sun, red light and supplement protocols.



The Winatlife training program is designed to teach you how to strength train effectively so you can build lean muscle and lose body fat training just 3-4 days per week.

Customised online monthly training program with App, coaching feedback on technique, full video exercise library, weekly live training workshops, private facebook group.

Don’t have access to a gym right now or have to train at home with minimal or no equipment? Don’t worry we can customise a home workout for you that requires very little to no equipment.





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I’m a 39 year old Aussie living on the Gold Coast with Craig (my partner in business and chief mastermind behind our training program) and Winston our friendly choc lab. In 2015 after stumbling across the work of Ray Peat, Emma Sgourakis and meeting Craig I finally broke free from restrictive diets and cracked the code to achieving the body and health I’d always wanted. Prior to this I'd spent 17 years of my life dieting. You name the diet, I’ve done it. From shake diets to high protein to keto.

I rarely slept through the night, my period was painful and irregular, I had two miscarriages, I was tired all the time, my moods were up and down like a yo-yo, my skin would break out and I was obsessed with food! I felt like I was either dieting/restricting or binge eating.

Through my own journey of healing and transforming my body as well as working with 1000’s of women, Craig and I have developed a signature method that frees women from restrictive diets so they can heal their metabolism and build bodies they love sustainably.



We know a thing or two about helping women break free from restrictive diets to build bodies they love.

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How can this possibly work?

There’s no way I can eat things like ice cream, potatoes, fruit, fresh juice, butter and more calories and achieve the body I’ve always wanted.

The exciting thing is, you can! These foods are actually pro-metabolic which means they support thyroid function and increase your metabolism.

We’ve got 100’s of testimonials from women who’ve used our unique nutrition system to not only achieve the body they’ve always wanted but also improve their sleep, energy, mood, digestion, skin and hormonal issues.

If you want to put on lean muscle and/or lose body fat/tone up and or suffer from one or more metabolic issues we can help you.

OR you just want to eat real food again and find a diet that's sustainable for life - you’ve found it.

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Everything that's included in the nutrition and training programs PLUS these bonuses:

Access to our private WinAtLife workspace so you can message the coaches, Kitty & Craig

Fortnightly live training & nutrition coaching calls with Craig

Fortnightly live mindset coaching calls with Kitty

Access to our Big Sista support program for extra accountability

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12 MONTHS $2599

Everything that's included in the nutrition and training programs PLUS these bonuses:

Access to our private WinAtLife workspace so you can message the coaches, Kitty & Craig

Fortnightly live training & nutrition coaching calls with Craig

Fortnightly live mindset coaching calls with Kitty

Access to our Big Sista support program for extra accountability

OR you can sign up for the Nutrition ONLY Or Training ONLY program:

Meal plans, recipe book, shopping lists

Meal plan coaching

Live nutrition workshops

Weekly check-in with a coach

Private Facebook group

In depth modules on how to improve metabolic issues: menstrual cycle/menopausal, digestion, sleep, skin, mood, energy


Customised monthly training program designed around what equipment you have access to, any physical limitations you have and how much time you can commit to training each week

Access to our training App Recomposer

Full video exercise library

Coaching feedback on technique

Weekly live training workshops

Private Facebook group




What it Means to be Healthy

Learn how to track and measure your metabolism and why you need to get healthy to build a body you love. These include the objective and subjective measures and what you should aiming for.


Setting Your Calories and Macronutrient Targets.

Learn how to set your starting macronutrient and calorie targets so you can start optimising your metabolism.


Getting Started on Your Nutrition

Learn why we recommend the pro-metabolic foods we do, how many calories should you me aiming for each day and why gut health is so important to a strong and well functioning metabolism. You also get access to our set metabolism boosting meal plans to use while you learn meal planning.


Principles of Meal Planning

Learn how to do your own meal plans so you will never have to rely on someone else telling you what to eat or set meal plan again. You will then work with us to test and measure to find the foods that will optimise your sleep, digestion, mood, energy and hormonal balance. We also cover the nutrients that are essential for a strong and well functioning metabolism and what foods you can get them from.


Supplements & Special Foods

Learn about the 3 special foods every woman must include in her diet to heal her metabolism as well the core metabolic boosting supplements I use daily. This includes videos from Emma Sgourakis - The Nutrition Coach.


Digging Deeper

In this module we dive deeper into the other key areas you must focus on when it comes to healing your metabolism. Sugar, salt, dairy and coffee - why we love them. Digestion and hormones in these modules I team up with I team up with Keith Littlewood, Masters in Endocrinology. Sleep - how to improve it. Sunlight and redlight. Stress. Environmental toxins and how they affect your body and the truth about Cholesterol.



A guide to improve some of the most common metabolic issues like: headaches and migraines, bloating, constipation, IBS, lactose intolerance, erratic moods, skin issues, low energy, hormonal and sleep issues.



Training Program

We prepare a customised program for you based on how many days you can train, for how long, what equipment you have access to and any physical limitations you have.



Every client has access to our online app Recomposer. This holds your customised program so you can track every set and every rep. Each month you get a new customised program.


Video Feedback

We set up your own private training channel in our online platform SLACK. This is where you upload your videos for our strength coach to give you feedback so you can become a better lifter.


Full Video Exercise Library

Full access to our online training website that has over 100 detailed exercise videos and tutorials.

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I've been doing this program for 9 months and nowhere else have I found someone who keeps it real all of the time.

I’ve lost 20kgs and 90cm from my body from the time I started the challenge until now. I sleep through the night, I have all of my hormones back, my libidio is on fire and my husband reckons I look 7 years younger. I’ve also increased my strength in my shoulder, which I injured at work before I started, by 400% in the first month which astounded my physio. This program has you eating foods that used to be off limits like ice cream and chocolate but it gives you your sanity back too because you are not doing some crazy program that has you eating no carbs, low carbs, high fat, low fat, keto or anything else this. This program is real food and give you real results.

- Sonya Carbone, 43, Mother of 1

I’m training three times per week if that, due to work, I’m eating 2000 calories a day, I’ve lost 10kg and about 48cm all over.

I’m sleeping through for hours without waking, my period has returned, my libido is back, my crazy mood swings don’t exist, I will never go back to the insanity of previous eating, dieting, training, never again. This is completely different to what you’re used to, what we have all been told again and again by the fitness industry, they’re either lying or they don’t know what they don’t know. I truly feel like I have discovered the holy grail, I kid you not. Trust god, I cannot emphasize enough how bloody good this is! Finally, finally, I am at peace mentally and physically, I know what and why it’s done this way and it works. There is no more confusion or guess work to do with food or training. It’s pretty bloody simple really once you know. The proof is in the pudding. Thank you Kitty, really, thank you.

- Elizabeth Mason, 50, Mother of 2

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I've now lost a total of 25kgs and 130cm. This is more than life changing for me. I'm finally on the path I knew I was meant to be on but never knew how to until WAL.

I'm not just different on the outside but I'm a whole new person on the inside especially emotionally. I've always felt like I've held back from living, but now I feel free, happy and ready to take on whatever life throws at me. Food no longer controls me and is now just a normal part of my life. Oh and I love what I eat and to be educated on how food affects me is awesome. The training took me a while to really get into (mind games especially) but now its my saviour especially on days I don't feel like doing a session (which isn't often) as I always feel energised and and empowered after training and most importantly how lifting changes my body and builds muscle. Oh yes, by the way hubby (Kev) is very happy but I am the lucky one to have such a supportive husband who has been there for me every step of the way, especially after seeing me do all the other crazy diets and exercise over the years to which he was still super supportive.

- Sian Mcnamara, 46, Mother of 4



You’ve tried various other diets in the past and just can't sustain them.

You suffer from one or more of these metabolic health issues: broken sleep, constipation, bloating or IBS, erratic moods, low energy, hormonal issues: irregular and or painful periods, PMS or menopausal symptoms, low sex drive or skin issues.

Your metabolism is slow - you keep gaining weight no matter how little you eat or how much you train.

You want to lose stubborn body fat and/or gain muscle but you're unsure of how to eat and/or train to achieve these things without cutting carbs, sugar, calories and spend hours exercising.

You want to learn how to strength train effectively and safely so you can get stronger and build lean muscle.

You want to be free from food obsession and binge eating so you can live your best life.

You want to love your body again and get your confidence back.

You’re fed up with quick fix diets and want a way of eating that's sustainable, enjoyable and the entire family will eat.

You’re willing to let go of old beliefs around nutrition and training and be open minded to a new way.

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This program has changed my WHOLE LIFE!

I have been on this amazing journey for 20 months now and achieved results far beyond what I ever expected!! In my early 40"s I'd come from a background of extremely heavy daily drinking, binge eating, 20 years of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and anxiety/depression just to name a few! I am no longer on anxiety/medication....Haven't had a drink for 20 months...No longer have irritable bowel (poop every day! Yay!) I've lost 10kg and a total of 73cm! I have gained the knowledge to eat the RIGHT foods for me and the RIGHT amounts! I eat 2400 calories a day and I Love the food I eat! I have learnt to lift!! This program has given me confidence in so many areas of my life and the amazing coaches have and continue to support me on this journey! I have never just felt like a number here.....the support is so personal, individual and real!!! You could not regret doing this for you.....your family.....your whole life!

- Anna Hansell, 42, Single mother of 4

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From the age of 18 until late 20’s I was suffering from severe disordered eating.

cutting out every food and only eating salad, to low carb, no carb, high protein and restricting my poor body from the nourishment it needed. I was punishing myself at the gym doing 8 and 12 week challenges and going twice a day, 6 days a week. I then went through a phase for 3 months of eating my way around Europe which triggered severe binge eating and then progressed into binging and taking laxatives.

18 months into the NuStrength/WAL ‘way’, I haven’t had one urge to binge or take laxatives, my hair isn’t falling out, my skin and nails are the best quality they have ever been, I sleep like a baby and I have so much energy every single day. Trust me...I was incredibly skeptical of only training 3 days a week and eating dairy, sugar and fruit...but it has worked and I am so incredibly grateful to have met Kitty and Craig - I don’t know where I would be without them. My quality of life has improved significantly and I think you would be crazy to turn away from an opportunity to work with these guys.

- Emma Karanges, 30, mother of 1



As soon as your payment has been processed you will receive an email with login details for the program/s you have purchased. You simply login and get started all the instructions are in the website. If you don’t get your email please contact us at [email protected].

When you join you will work your way through our website and be added to our coaching platforms SLACK and also our private Facebook Group. This is where you can ask us questions and get support. Kitty, Craig and all the coaches are available 6 days per week to support you on this journey. If you do the nutrition program you will have your own checkin channel in SLACK where you will do your check in each week and get feedback from our coaches. If you do our training program you will have your own private training channel where you will upload your training videos for feedback.

It depends on what your goals are? The nutrition program will improve your metabolism: sleep, digestion, mood, energy, hormonal issues and improve your body's ability to handle more calories. We have had women do our nutrition program and lose weight/body fat without training but this is not the case for everyone, it will depend on your starting point. If your goal is to improve your body composition (increase lean muscle/lose body fat) we recommend you do both the training and nutrition program. If you do your training through someone else then or do your own training or you have a lot of healing to do then just do the nutrition program to start with.

Don't worry we have our own dedicated technology coach Lexy whose job is to support you in all things technology, so don't be worried if you’re a technofobe we have your back.

Refer to the table on this page for the different options available.

You can continue on or finish up. If you’re paying monthly the monthly payments continue until you email us to finish up ([email protected]) and if you pay upfront you will get an email reminding you that your subscription is going to renew on a set date and you can either cancel or continue on paying again upfront or you can move to monthly payments.

We don't just tell you what to eat and how to train we teach you. Our goal is to set you up with the foundations so you can do this on your own. We help you identify what foods work best for your body and teach you how to meal plan so that you can sustain your results for life. This isn't just another program, it's an education.

No you can only pay upfront or monthly.

Initially you will require a greater time commitment whilst you work through the foundational elements. 30mins - 1 hour per day for the first 2 weeks. After this initial period it will take you much less time as you would have mastered the basics you’ve mastered the basics. If you do the training program it will depend on how much time you can commit. We prepare a program based on what time you can commit to and how many sessions per week you can do. You can work through the modules at your own pace. Avoid rushing ahead and take your time.

Yes but we have a WinAtLife men's training program that we offer to the partners of women who do the WinAtLife program. You can email us at [email protected] for more information.

We have clients from all over the world in our program from Canada, to the UK and also the US and New Zealand. We have various communications platforms to support you and our coaches work Monday to Saturday so you have plenty of support. Our OS clients have given us great feedback and say they don’t even notice the time difference.

We work with you to build a diet plan that works for your body. If you can’t tolerate dairy then we will keep it out for now and work on healing your intestinal track and improve your metabolism. We have had many women come into the program with ‘lactose intolerance’ who can now eat dairy without issues.

We don’t recommend clients eat foods containing gluten apart from good quality sour dough bread which is not a necessity in the diet.

You’re never to old! Our oldest client is 67 years of age.

Yes, its very hard for a woman to put on lots of muscle. Its taken Kitty years to build the strength and muscle she has. When you get stronger and build lean muscle and get your nutrition right the fat will come off and you will look lean and toned.

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Take Michelle who is in her 40s, for example. She is now down 11kgs and 75cms all over her body and she beat binge eating, complete exhaustion and severe period symptoms for good.


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It helped Kellie beat binge eating and get toned eating 2000 calories per day, training just 3 days per week.


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It helped Raelene at 54 beat menopause and finally achieve the toned and athletic body she was trying so hard to achieve through restrictive dieting - shes eating 2000 calories per day!


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It helped Anita get off her anti-depressants, improve her skin and transform her body without restrictive diets.


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It helped Melissa beat drugs and alcohol addiction and binge eating and transformed her body.


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Its helped Donna lose close to 28kgs, beat her eating disorder and repair her relationship with her husband.

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The same system has seen Mel at age 50 beat menopause as well as severe bloating and hormonal issues.

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It’s helped Kylie at age 46 normalise her hormones, get into the best shape of her life as well as beat severe anxiety eating over 2000 calories a day.

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It’s helped Tracey at age 47 to lose 8.7kgs, beat exhausion, drinking as well as binge eating - eating 2100 calories a day.

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It’s helped Lexy at 34 lose 22kgs and more than 100cms , become more confident within herself, sleep properly and battle fibroids eating 2000+ calories a day.

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It’s helped Jo get toned and confident again eating over 2000 calories a day, training just 3 days per week.


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12 months anniversary I started in the Break Free program first to try it out and got hooked.

The reason I joined was to manage my bloating, menopausal symptoms, lose body fat and tone up. Before this program I had never lifted weights or stuck at anything for long. I am the same weight 71kg from when I started but have lost a total of 17cm and can now deadlift 85kg bench 45kg and squat 73kg. It’s crazy that at 52 years old I found what is right for me, even though I have not been 100% consistent in my eating I have in my training. Looking forward to the next 12 months !!100kg I’m coming for you. Thank you Kitty,Craig and all the coaches and my husband for all his support at the gym.

- Gabriela Rodriguz, 52, Grandmother

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Over two years ago I stumbled across the Win At Life program. It was during a time where I was restricting like a boss and smashing myself at the gym.

I had just finished 10months with a personal trainer and was at a phase where I didn’t know what to do next. I was eating around 1,200 calories, running myself ragged 6 days a week - doing multiple back to back gym classes, then binge eating on bread because I was so hungry!! I was bloated, had terrible gas and I was so moody. I was basically living off kangaroo and steam vegetable bags. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Fast forward to now and things couldn’t be more different. I’m now only training 3 days a week. I’ve given up every gym class I used to attend and I now just focus on lifting - which I love! Starting with Win At Life I was only eating about 1,400 calories, now I’m eating 2,200 calories and I’ve only gained 2kg….which I’m pretty sure is muscle. When I started the program I was slim and looked so exhausted. Now I’m toned and look so much healthier! I no longer have bad gas and I am so much nicer to be around. Just ask my husband. Win At Life has changed my life. I’ve made new friends and have really developed my skills as a lifter - thanks to the amazing coaching team. I’ve learnt how to really care for my body and gained knowledge about what is and isn’t good for me. No more kangaroo and steam bag vegetables for me! I now eat regular, tasty meals, that fuel my body. Lastly, the support from the Win At Life team is nothing I’ve every experienced before. The community and training access is truly a stand out. Everyone wants you to succeed and genuinely cares about you and your progress. I could not highly recommend this program more! It’s been an awesome 2 year journey and I’ve honestly never looked back.

- Andrea, 32