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BUF Membership

Monthly beginner and Inter/Adv training program that is part of a 12 month cycle to ensure you're progressing.

The Inter/Adv training program is held in an interactive excel spreadsheet so you can choose your exercises and track sets and reps each week. It also contains a perceived level of exertion tracker for the main lifts that will then adjust next weeks weights and sets up or down depending on the rating. This helps to manage fatigue and means the program can cater to different experience levels.

Full exercise video tutorial library with over 80 videos including warm up and stability exercises.

How to set customised macronutrient targets and adjust your calories.

Extensive Myfitnesspal how to video tutorial library to help you build your meal plans.

How to set customised macronutrient targets and adjust your calories.

Both our F**king Easy Food Prep and Advanced recipe books. The FEFP recipe book will be updated every month with brand new recipes.

ALL our nutrition PDF's: Food List, Meal Ideas, Beef Liver Pate Recipe, Extra Notes & Tips, Fibre Handout, Foods You Don't Need To Track, Meal Planning Template, Meal Plans For Beginners, Nutrients Required For a Strong Metabolism, Supplements Guide, and Commonly Used Foods Macro Values.

Extra nutrition and troubleshooting information.

Full list of WAL approved store bought foods by country which is updated monthly.

$10 off each of our two best selling supplements Nugel and Progest e.

Monthly interviews with the experts:
Emma Sgourakis - The Nutrition Coach
Kate Deering - Author of How to heal your metabolism
Danny Roddy
Craig Mcdonald

Private Facebook Group for BUF membership clients only.

Monthly live Q&As with Craig and Kitty in the private Facebook Group