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Alex Kelly, 26

(Depression, PCOS, PMS/menstrual cycle Issues, skin issues)

Brodie Ollerenshaw, 29

(Low calories, exhaustion, eating disorders, PCOS, hashimotos)

Lucy Playle, 22

(Binge eating, purging, menstrual issues, sleep issues)

Jess Frelek, 26

(Low calories, binge eating, exhausted, anxiety, mood, menstrual cycle issues)

Hayley Walsh, 22

(Menstrual cycle issues)

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Caroline Keating, 34

(thyroid removed, body image issues, liposuction, unhappy, unhealthy)

Sandrine Gloton, 31

(starving herself, binge eating, menstrual issues, anxiety, sleep issues)

Rachel McDonald, 32

(Low calorie, binge eating, bloating, fatigue, hashimotos)

Andrea Lisle, 30 something

(Low calorie, mood swings, bloating, digestive issues)

Julie Chour, 39

(Low calories, cardio, exhausted, binge eating)

Jennie Drever, 39

(Cardio, low calories, IBS, constipation, bloating)

Alison Mazey, 39

(Exhausted, low calorie, running)

Karen Rooimans, 38

(Anxiety, depression, chronic pain, energy, sleep, depression, miserable, low calories)

Alisha Jones, 38

(Digestive issues, bloating, constipation, PCOS, insomnia, no period for 10 years )

Laura Greig, 38

(Training knowledge)

Jaye Pamment, 37

(Digestive issues, bloating, constipation, exhaustion)

Lexy Nairn, 35

(Lost 25kgs, sleep issues, exhaustion)

Melanie Cerutti, 31

(Disordered eating, alcohol)

Narelle Cochrane, 36

(Menstrual cycle issues, sleep issues)

Sheena Poaridown, 35

(Alcohol, low calorie diets, sleep issues, menstrual cycle issues)

Stacey Hicks, 37

(Thyroid issues, iron deficient, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, menstrual cycle issues)

Melanie Hunger, 36

(Moody, yoyo dieting, restricting and bingeing)

Wandi Kruger-Van Renen, 35

(Sleep issues, food obsession, bloating, constipation, fatigue, no sex drive )

Dimity Mazepa, 34

(Skin issues, menstrual cycle issues, sleep issues, alcohol)

Lily Sais, 38

(Disordered eating, menstrual issues, binge eating, anxiety)

Laura Corcorran, 36

(Binge eating, low calories)

Jen Singer, 37

(Lo carb/high protein, increased blood pressure, declined mental health)

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Angela Armati, 48

(Lost 6 kilos and 60cm, emotional eating, hair loss)

Angelina Sericchi, 41

(Lost 5 kilos and 2 dress sizes, menstrual cycle issues, sleep issues, exhausted)

Anna Hansell, 41

(Lost 10 kilos, exhausted, alcohol addiction)

Chezelle Richards, 43

(Low energy, bloating, low calories, sleep issues, exhaustion)

Fiona Langshaw, 42

(Type 1 diabetic, binge eating)

Glorily Velez, 44

(Low calorie, high cardio)

Teresa Robertson, 43

(Down 12kgs and two pants sizes,, cardiac history)

Shelly Bowling, 47

(Down two pant sizes, low calorie, binge eating, alcohol, exhaustion)

Sonya Carbone, 41

(Lost 13kg, thyroid issues, fatigue, no sex drive, menopausal issues)

Sonia Bridgewater, 45

(Disordered eating, purging, bingeing, cardio, sleep issues, menstrual cycle issues, bloating)

Simone Schofield, 44

(Lost 5kgs, binge eating, alcohol, thyroid issues, Rheumatoid Arthritis, sleeping tablets)

Pauline Lewis, 45

(Lost 9kgs, no energy)

Noa Bajramovic, 48

(Low calorie, digestive issues, bloating)

Louise Crough, 49

(Lost 8kgs, alcohol, binge eating)

Leanne Reinbott, 47

(Menstrual cycle issues, no sex drive, no energy)

Kate Toole, 47

(Low calories, binge eating, excessive cardio)

Jo Taflan, 41

(Menstrual cycle, erratic moods, low calories)

Amanda Ford, 44

(Binge eating, exhausted, erratic moods,, energy)

Anita Thornbury, 41

(Low calories, excessive cardio, antidepressants)

Cindy Netrval, 47

(Cardio, sleep issues, low energy, erratic moods)

Donna Ward, 40

(Disordered eating, low calories, exhausted)

Natasha Chlopek, 40

(Sleep issues)

Jacinta Colley, 40

(Cardio, low calories, low energy, sleep issues, menstrual cycle issues)

Jennie Freedman, 49

(Cardio, exhausted, thyroid, adrenal fatigue, binge, low calories)

Karen Baltrush, 43

(Skin issues, digestive issues, cardio, low calories)

Karen Hourigan, 47

(Low calories, binge, cardio)

Lisa Vaughan, 49

(Constipation, bloating, SIBO, low calorie, excessive cardio)

Sarah Xerub, 41

(Low calorie, digestive issues)

Michelle Storm, 47

(Lost 12kgs, menstrual cycle issues, bloating, binge eating)

Michelle Smith, 43

(Low calorie, sleeping tablets, no energy)

Melissa Collins, 45

(Alcohol, drug addiction, cardio, binge eating)

Sia Glover, 41

(Low calorie)

Sandra Thomson, 49

(Cardio, low calorie)

Sian McNamara, 47

(Lost 25kgs, binge eating, mood swings, bloating, alcohol)

Tracey Kingi, 48

(Lost 9kgs, alcohol, binge eating, low energy)

Catriona Drysdale, 41

(Menstrual issues, chronic fatigue, endometriosis, premenopausal, low calories)

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Irene Finlay, 57

(menopausal issues, low confidence, mood swings, night sweats, feeling down)

Liz Mason, 50

(Lost 10kgs, Menopausal issues, binge eating)

Margie Arbon, 53

(Sleep issues, menopausal issues, autoimmune disease)

Kim Lethlean, 54

(Low calories, menopausal issues)

Emma Richmond, 50

(Low mood)

Raelene Blake, 50’s

(Sleeping tablets, menopausal weight gain, low calorie, restrictive diets)

Tamalyn Donnellan, 50

(Sleep issues, menopausal issues, no energy, binge eating, alcohol, erratic moods)

Tania Lutton, 51

(Thyroid issues, goitre, low calorie, cardio, menopausal issues)

Sue Macconachie, 52

(Low calorie, alcohol, binge eating)

Lisa Wells, 54

(Alcohol, menopausal issues, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, purging)

Selina Colvin, 51

(Low calorie, sleep issues, binge eating)

Andrea Daley, 52

(Menopausal issues, bloating, sleep issues, weight gain)

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Faye Caughey, 60

(Chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, low calories, constipation, low energy, bloating)