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"The Winatlife program is well put together with great support, advice and evidence. It’s helping 1000s of women choose a different way to be themselves in their best healthy bodies and minds. Kitty is knowledgeable, inspiring, authentic and one of a kind”

- Jane Le Grove

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In order for you to get the body you want and maintain it, do you have to cut calories, sugar and carbs and train 6-7 days per week?

Do you suffer from cravings, broken sleep, bloating, mood swings, low energy and hormonal issues? It's exhausting and deflating constantly trying to transform your body only to fail again and again.

Well I’ve got good news for you. Celebrity, health guru and fad diets set all women up to fail. When you cut calories, carbs, sugar and entire food groups and flog yourself with cardio, sure it's easy to lose weight but it's never sustainable.

It not only slows down your resting metabolic rate, which means when you eat more you pile on the weight again, but it also causes broken sleep, bloating, low energy, erratic moods, low sex drive, thyroid issues and hormonal imbalances like irregular and painful periods or menopausal symptoms.


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Because I dieted for 17 years of my life, constantly losing weight and putting it all back on again. The only way I could maintain the body I wanted was by eating bird food and training 6-7 days per week. I rarely slept through the night, I was bloated, my moods were up and down like a yo-yo, I had no energy, I had crazy sugar cravings and my period was irregular and painful. 

That all changed for me in 2015 when I met Emma Sgourakis, the nutritionist who told me to drink chocolate milk (she’s now my business partner) and Craig who introduced me to a new way of training.

What I learnt transformed my body and health and freed me from restrictive diets and food obsession for good. It changed my life so much I left my job in mining and opened NuStrength with Craig. Together we’ve developed WinAtLife, one of  the most comprehensive and scientifically proven coaching programs available online for women.Over the last 3 years we’ve transformed the bodies and lives of 1000’s of women using a unique 5-Step Framework that's designed to:

Rebuild your metabolism
Improve your sleep, digestion, mood, energy, skin quality and hormonal balance
Get you lean, strong and toned

And the most important thing - SUSTAIN IT! This program will change your life in every way.

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Most fitness industry programs cut calories, carbs, sugar and dairy for quick weight loss. This not only slows down your metabolism but it also sets you up with broken sleep, low energy, digestive issues, thyroid issues, erratic moods, hormonal imbalances and it breaks down your precious muscle! At my lightest I weighed 54kgs but I had to starve myself and train 6-7 days per week to maintain it. 

I now sit at 67kgs and I look so much better and I feel amazing too. I'm healthy, lean, toned and strong. I eat 2200+ calories per day and train just 3 days per week. HOW? By using our 5-Step Framework which focuses on a long term strategy of restorting the metabolism and strength training to build lean muscle and lose body fat.


Establish current METABOLIC STATE

We assess your current metabolic rate by looking at your sleep, digestion, mood, energy, hormonal issues, sex drive and resting temprature and pulse. This gives us a base to start from and specific action steps to start rebuilding your metabolism.



We take you through our step by step method to determine the right amount of calories and macronutrients to start you on so we can start restoring your metabolism.



We teach you how to build your calorie base and increase your resting metabolic rate so that you can eat more and maintain your ideal body easily.



We’ll teach you how to find the foods that work best for your body to repair your digestive system, improve your sleep, restore your energy and balance your hormones.



We’ll teach you how to strength train effectively in just 3 days per week so you can build lean muscle and reduce body fat. This means you can sustain your results eating more food and never have to do another restrictive diet again.

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Take Michelle who is in her 40s, for example. She is now down 11kgs and 75cms all over her body and she beat binge eating, complete exhaustion and severe period symptoms for good.

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It helped Kellie beat binge eating and get toned eating 2000 calories per day, training just 3 days per week.

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It helped Raelene at 54 beat menopause and finally achieve the toned and athletic body she was trying so hard to achieve through restrictive dieting - shes eating 2000 calories per day!

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It helped Anita get off her anti-depressants, improve her skin and transform her body without restrictive diets.

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It helped Melissa beat drugs and alcohol addiction and binge eating and transformed her body.

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Its helped Donna lose close to 28kgs, beat her eating disorder and repair her relationship with her husband.

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The same system has seen Mel at age 50 beat menopause as well as severe bloating and hormonal issues.

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It’s helped Kylie at age 46 normalise her hormones, get into the best shape of her life as well as beat severe anxiety eating over 2000 calories a day.

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It’s helped Tracey at age 47 to lose 8.7kgs, beat exhausion, drinking as well as binge eating - eating 2100 calories a day.

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It’s helped Lexy at 34 lose 22kgs and more than 100cms , become more confident within herself, sleep properly and battle fibroids eating 2000+ calories a day.

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It’s helped Jo get toned and confident again eating over 2000 calories a day, training just 3 days per week.


It helped Sonya, 43 lose 20kgs, beat her peri-menopausal issues, fix her sleep, get her strength back in her injured shoulder and get her sex drive back.


It helped Elizabeth at 50 beat menopausal issues, lose 10kgs, get her sex drive back and beat binge eating.


It helped Bornya, 39 single mum of 3 lose 16.2kgs eating over 2300 calories per day, training just three days per week.


It helped Sian, 46 lose 26 kgs, beat her hormonal and sleep issues and get her life back.


It helped Anna, 42 lose 10kgs, beat her bloating and digestive issues, beat alcohol addiction and get off the anti-depressants she’d been taking for 20 years.


It helped Emma, 30 transform her body, beat her eating disorder, beat her thyroid issues and her hair is no longer falling out.


It helped Raelene, 54 beat menopause and finally achieved the toned body she always wanted eating over 2000 calories per day.


It helped Gabriela, 52 beat bloating, menopause and tone up even thought she had never lifted weights prior to joining WinAtLife.


It helped Andrea, 32 nearly double her calorie intake, beat her bloating and get her energy back.



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We’ve helped 1000s of women become the happiest, healthiest and strongest versions of themselves. Unlike other programs where they simply tell you what to do, we educate and empower you through our unique 5-Step Framework. 

Our goal is to help you break free from restrictive diets that set you up with broken sleep, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, erratic moods, binge eating and weight gain. Then help you build a body you love with a long term strategy of rebuilding your metabolism with pro-metabolic easy to digest foods and Craig's signature training system.

This isn't a one size fits all cookie cutter approach like other online programs. You get 1on1 coaching, personalised nutrition, meal plans, recipe books, shopping lists, meal plan coaching, weekly check ins with a coach, monthly customised online program (held in our online app) that’s specific to you and designed around what equipment you have available, any physical limitations you have and the time you can commit to training as well as your own private training channel where you can load up your training videos for technique coaching.

We have options to do Nutrition ONLY, Training ONLY or you can do both. So no matter where you’re at in your journey we’ve got you covered.

“This is a fantastic and achievable program that will help heal your body of all the damage that diets and over exercise does. it gives you real food and loads of it. A great training program that will help you get strong and a fabulous support system so you never feel that you are going it alone.

I highly recommend it, I've been here for nearly 9 months and love it.”

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